About the James Hunter Dog Park

The park is named after Arlington County Board Member James B. Hunter III, who served on the County Board from 1990 through 1997, and championed under-served groups in Arlington and advocated for their basic human rights.  In recognition of his service, the County has established an Annual Award in his name.

James Hunter Park used to be known as the OK Corral, after it was established as a Community Canine Area.  Through a comprehensive community process, the park was redeveloped into unique urban space that incorporates many environmentally-friendly components into its design.  Signage incorporated throughout the park highlights these unique design features.

Project Partners:

State University of New York, Alfred State College - A leader in the field of alternative energy technologies, assisted the County in designing the solar power system for the park and will monitor it to collect data for their research and evaluation of renewable technologies.

THOUGHTBARN - A Texas-based design studio that champions artful utility through urban strategies and public installations, designed the parks wayfinding system.